Select Shelter Products is a Manufacturer's Representative Agency specializing in direct sales and marketing services to Modular Home Builders, Commercial Modulars, Manufactured (HUD) Homes, Recreational Vehicles and After-Market Distributors.

Mission Statement:  To provide direct sales, marketing and service to the above customers in primarily Northeastern United States. Support activities include but not limited to; material projections, credit feedback, on-site application inspections, creating and expediting sales promotions and provide any additional support when needed to ensure a successful program...for both the supplier and customer.

Marketing: Select Shelter Products designs and implements both regional and national programs for manufacturers and distributors of building materials who wish to enter the industry. Marketing and strategic planning shall be established to include definition of needs, physical distribution, market selection, development of market support materials, activities and the selection of sales channels. Whether under contract for a regional or national program, SSP will take an active position to insure a platinum service level and appropriate quality.

Interior Design: Design consultation and implementation available for our customers.